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NIOKAT is the jazz project founded at the beginning of 2022 by the Berlin trumpeter and flugelhorn player Lisa Buchholz. 

The sextet is made up of musicians from the Berlin jazz scene and presents exciting contemporary jazz from their own pen. The ensemble was formed while the band members were studying together at the Jazz Institute Berlin. The two wind players Lisa Buchholz and Niko Zeidler also met as members of the German Federal Jazz Orchestra in the 2018/19 lineup. In a traditional line-up with trumpet and saxophone, expanded to include the sound of the guitar, the band is primarily dedicated to modern musical influences, but also combines these with traditional elements of jazz. 


The sextet has already held concerts in some well-known jazz locations in Germany such as the ZigZag Berlin or the Tonhalle Hannover. In October 2023, the band toured South Korea internationally, playing in the country's most famous jazz clubs, such as Club Evans, Mullae Jazz In, Banjul, Cheunnyong Dongando Gangnam and Gwangalli Namme.

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Pictures by Jona Freigang

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